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Enter the Carrot: a Mike and Liam adventure - trailer

Andy, Mog, Rhysy and Mr Rupert Sharp Present… Enter the Carrot: a Mike and Liam adventure Six surreal slices of adorkable comedy and pure whimsy that together add up to a whole lot of fun. Premiering on Monday 26th April 2021 at PotatoRevolution.com Catch every episode by subscribing on Youtube or wherever you get your podcasts from!

Episode 1: A Bum Deal

The adventure begins. Mike and Liam discover a vagrant living in their hallway cupboard who charges them with a quest to find the Sacred Cookie.

Episode 2: Operation: GILA

In France, a Checkout Girl helps Mike and Liam with the first challenge of their quest but is she with them or against them? Their next destination is Mexico to find the legendary Gila Monster.

Episode 3: Carpet of Time

In Mexico, the Gila Monster nudges Mike and Liam toward their next challenge and Liam confronts a band of genuine Mexican banditos.

Episode 4: Before Shoelaces

By reading the Textural Carpet of Time, Mike unravels the hidden history of the False Beard of Hope and reveals to our heroes the path to this most coveted prize.

Episode 5: False Beard of Hope

Mike and Liam believe they have destroyed the one thing that can save all of humanity from the nefarious Illegitimate Librarians and their New World Disorder. Familiar faces return and the truth is revealed.

Episode 6: A Sort of Climax

Finally, Mike and Liam confront their enemy, the devious and most definitely dangerous Number 1 of the Illegitimate Librarians.

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